The cute carpet creature that is sweeping the nation!
What are people saying about MY CAR PETTM?

"My Car Pet is intended to make people laugh. And let me tell you everyone who comes here smiles when they see him. Gavyn, my 6 year old absolutely loves him. His name? Moony. Don't ask me lol. He sleeps with him, talks to him and treats him like his pet. I told him this will be the easiest pet you ever have to take care of. Even the cats lay with him! Moony has become a staple in our home." -

"They are so cute and soft a must have for the hard to buy for person on your Christmas List.or for any occasion when a gift is needed." -

"The new buzz on the street is that there is something way cooler than the pet rock and the Chia Pet. This inanimate "pet" actually has fluff to pet!"

"I’m telling you one thing, My Car-Pet is far more awesome than the Pet Rock or the downright creepy looking Chia Pets <shivers>!... My absolute favorite part is scanning the My Car-Pet picture gallery. You have to check it out!" -

"This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen - and that’s what makes it so brilliant!!!" -

"She's super darling and makes me smile every time I catch her little pink eyebrows out of the corner of my eye." -

"MY CAR PET is like the pet rock of the 21st century." -

I say OUR because as soon as I received My Car Pet, my daughter scooped her up! It's her new friend, or as she says, her Car Pet! She loves it!" -

"When I received the My Car Pet, I put it in my son’s room. When he got home and saw it, his face lit up. He had the biggest grin. The next day, he insisted on taking it to school. Now, it acts as a companion for his ride on the bus. He thinks that the My Car Pet is cool.” -

"Everyone knows that laughter heals the soul and in this day and age we can all use a little healing." -

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